Château d'Aussières Rosé

Château d'Aussières Rosé

The vintage

After a winter corresponding to what is becoming normal, some nights below zero with rather mild days. An episode of frost after budburst caused some damage. The months of March and April brought sufficient rain which allowed a good start of the vegetation. The rain left us alone until the end of June leaving us confident on the sanitary level. A nice thunderstorm at the end of June enabled the vines to withstand the hot weather of July and August without any particular stress. In summary, even if the total rainfall is not important, its timing was perfect.
During the harvest, the weather conditions were globally favorable: little humidity, seasonal temperatures and a good sunshine which allowed a good maturation of the grapes.


The estate is nestled in the rugged hills just behind the Mediterranean coastline of Narbonne, in the South of France.


Specific plots have been selected for this wine, conducted with an organic farming approach. This wine will carry the in-conversion “CAB” label. During the entire vegetative season, the vines have been tended with the idea to produce a rosé that would render the complexity and finesse of its terroir.
The blend consists mainly of grenache noir, combined with Syrah. Thanks to the cooler situation of Aussières, our Grenache mature slowly, developing a wide palette of delicate fruity aromas. It contributes greatly to the elegance of the wine and confers its silky mouthfeel. Syrah adds a zest of freshness to the blend and contributes to the balance between generosity and tension.


The wine making process presents as little intervention as possible in order to express the intrinsic quality of the grapes.
When arriving at the cellar grapes are immediately cooled down to preserve their aromatic freshness and left to macerate for a couple of hours inside the press to extract the finest aromatic component from the skins.
The grapes are then delicately pressed with a strict selection. Only the finest batches were kept for this premium rosé and overall, 50% of the initial volume had to be discarded.
The must is then kept for 10 to 15 days at a temperature between 3 to 5°C, we call it stabulation à froid, prior to fermentation.
5% of the wines are fermented in new oak barrels for 3 months to add complexity to the wine whilst the rest is fermented in stainless steel tanks. Once fermentation is completed the wine is kept for four months on its lees with regular bâtonnage before being assembled and bottled.

Tasting notes

The nose has notes of red fruit, liquorice and almond. The palate is both ample, generous and with a lot of freshness and we finish on mouthwatering mineral notes.

Alcohol content



Grenache noir : 73 %
Syrah : 27 %