The vintage

A rainy winter gave way to a cool spring where the maximum temperatures never raised over 26°C. Rain showed up only and briefly at the beginning of summer, along with some unusual cool temperatures, that made this season, without any doubt, the freshest to date. A round the clock surveillance, tasting the grapes, checking their maturity was necessary to find out the best vintage date.
The Los Vascos material was sourced early, on February 28th, and the Paredones grapes were picked later, on April 22. This year, with a cool spring and summer, provided with ideal conditions for a wine full of poise and expression.


Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal range, the appellation benefits from the cooling effect of the Humboldt current. This oceanic climate, combined with shallow and relatively poor soil, gives the perfect conditions to produce fresh and aromatic white wines.


Brisandes is made up of a large diversity of soils. The heart of the estate, in the valley floor, consists of sand and clay alluvions left by the erosion of neighbouring granitic hills, as well as Tosca, a very hard soil made from volcanic ashes that have been transported by rivers into the plains and compacted over time.
Grapes are mainly sourced from the coolest parts of Brisandes in Colchagua Valley.


Grapes are harvested before daylight when temperatures are at their lowest. After a few hours of cold maceration, they are pressed and fermented at low temperature in stainless steel tanks to preserve their aromatic potential. The wine is partly aged on lees in order to obtain a good balance between roundness and freshness.

Tasting notes

An archetypical pale straw-yellow colour, along with green hues. This wine has an expressive, vigorous nose where green chili, asparagus and passion fruit abound. The palate showcases a good tension of excellent acidity, a mouth-watering feeling, and a persistent aftertaste that calls undoubtedly for another glass. As you delve more into the wine, the wonderful minerality takes hold and burst open.

Alcohol content



Sauvignon blanc : 100 %