Château Lyonnat, Lussac Saint-Emilion, Without added suflites, 2020

Château Lyonnat, Lussac Saint-Emilion, Without added suflites, 2020

A wave of freshness with fruity and tangy fragrances that takes care of its environment.

The wine

This wine is the result of a commitment and a special requirement. Always with the aim of revealing the best of its terroir this 100% Merlot cuvée was elaborated without adding sulphites. A challenge for winemakers to redouble their attention and innovations to harvest and work a healthy and mature grape. Its development complies with the rules of the Environmental Management System (EMS), which guarantees control and reduction of the impacts of production on the environment.

The vintage

This year 2020 will remain marked as a great vintage, especially on the right bank of Bordeaux, thanks to the Merlot grape that was harvested at the optimum of its maturity, just before the rains of late September. This majority grape variety at Château Lyonnat gives us a high quality.


The cuvée Sans sulfites du Château Lyonnat comes from one hectare of Merlot vines planted on clay-limestone soil. The vines are 30, 35 years old and the annual production reaches 6000 bottles.


A more natural vinification with very few manipulations and no addition of sulphites to focus on the real taste of the grapes.


Far from the classic style of Bordeaux wines, this cuvée was aged in concrete vats for 6 months without aeration in order to minimize the risk of contamination and oxidation.


To be tasted fresh (15°C) and ideally after a carafage to oxygenate the wine so that it develops all its aromas. Opening the bottle 1 to 2 hours before the tasting is a very good alternative that also allows an explosion of aromas.
Once opened the bottle is to be enjoyed during the day.

Visual appearance

An intense and brilliant ruby colour.

At the nose

A fresh nose with notes of red and black fruits.

On the palate

Easy to drink, this cuvée offers soft and round tannins, fruit notes and a very pleasant acidity and freshness to taste.

Food and wine pairings

The cuvée Lyonnat Without added sulphites goes very well with red or white meat, cheese or can be enjoyed over a barbecue.

Alcohol content


Allergens (sulfites)

No sulphites

Winegrowing label

Haute Valeur Environnementale


Merlot : 100 %