The name of the second wine of l’Evangile comes from the fact that the batches that could not go into the Grand Vin were sold under the former owners who used their family emblem. Blason de L’Evangile is selected from vats of the "Grand Vin" Château l'Evangile. It features characteristics similar to those of the "Grand Vin", but with lesser potential for ageing as its ageing in barrels is much shorter. It must be drunk younger than its more robust counterpart.

The vintage

2011 was characterized by a very dry winter and start to the spring. Barely 150 mm of rain during the first five months of the year: a record! High temperatures in April, May and June caused the vines to grow very quickly, resulting in the first flowers appearing exceptionally early, in early May!
A cooler July gave the vines a chance to rest a little before an exceptionally hot August (with an average temperature of 31°C for the month). The grapes were harvested two weeks earlier than usual, and were of excellent quality with superb tannins.
The Merlot was rich and dense, but the low rainfall during the summer seriously reduced yields. The Cabernet grapes were small, with thick skins, but of very good quality.


Length of ageing in oak barrels: 15 months in two year old barrels.


Deep colour with hints of violet. Fresh, fruity nose (raspberry, Morello cherry, blackcurrants) with notes of mocha. Fine attack with fruity notes and silky tannins. The palate is long, and very fruity thanks to the well-ripened tannins.

Alcohol content



Merlot : 85 %
Cabernet franc : 15 %