The name of the second wine of l’Evangile comes from the fact that the batches that could not go into the Grand Vin were sold under the former owners who used their family emblem. Blason de L’Evangile is selected from vats of the "Grand Vin" Château l'Evangile. It features characteristics similar to those of the "Grand Vin", but with lesser potential for ageing as its ageing in barrels is much shorter. It must be drunk younger than its more robust counterpart.

The vintage

A complex year with a lot of ups and downs! The beginning of the year was difficult with periods of intense cold and humidity, resulting in a mixed flowering and significant losses in terms of yields. The beginning and the middle of the summer saw some fine sunny periods but also brought high levels of humidity. Fortunately, conditions in August and September were excellent which enabled the grapes to ripen very satisfactorily, and to present good potential. Due to rain, the harvest was spread over three weeks; this was unusual, but ultimately gave satisfactory results.


Length of ageing in oak barrels: 15 months in two year old barrels.


Deep, clear colour with hints of violet. Fruity nose of red berries (raspberries and redcurrants) with notes of toast. On the palate, the attack is clean with a well-enveloped, balanced tannic structure. The texture is very velvety thanks to the ripe, well-coated tannins. The finish is fruity but it is the quality of the tannins that dominates.

Alcohol content



Merlot : 67 %
Cabernet franc : 33 %