A d'Aussières Rosé

A d'Aussières Rosé

The vintage

After a winter corresponding to what is becoming normal, some nights below zero with rather mild days. An episode of frost after budburst caused some damage. The months of March and April brought sufficient rain which allowed a good start of the vegetation. The rain left us alone until the end of June leaving us confident on the sanitary level. A nice thunderstorm at the end of June enabled the vines to withstand the hot weather of July and August without any particular stress. In summary, even if the total rainfall is not important, its timing was perfect.
During the harvest, the weather conditions were globally favorable: little humidity, seasonal temperatures and a good sunshine which allowed a good maturation of the grapes.


The estate is nestled in the rugged hills just behind the Mediterranean coastline of Narbonne, in the South of France.


The soils are very shallow and rocky on the slopes, and deeper and sandy in the plain. Yields are voluntarily kept very low in order to preserve the vines and foster the production of high quality grapes.


Grapes are pressed on arrival at the winery and transfered in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. After 15 days of fermentation at 18°c, the wine is aged for 4 months in tanks to preserve the purity of the fruit.

Tasting notes

The nose has notes of red fruit, strawberry and cherry, and some white fruit. On the palate the attack is acidic and the wine is fresh. There are notes of strawberry sweets and the finish conjures up notes of white flowers.

Alcohol content



Grenache noir : 51 %
Syrah : 26 %
Cinsault : 23 %