For several generations, Château Rieussec has been a leading name in Sauternes wines. As early as 1868, Charles Cocks remarked that “Beyond any of the others, Rieussec produces wines that are very similar to Yquem wines”.

The vintage

During winter, the presence of frost has been very beneficial and restful for grapevine. However, during spring, some freeze was still registered. This was harmful for young buds and affected unfavourably grape growing.
Viticultural period was quite difficult because of a constant alternation between sun and rain. We had to wait until the beginning of September to have nice and stable weather conditions.
Ripeness takes place rather lately and the 4 or 5 pickings will last from 29 September to 14 November.


The Sauternes appellation stretches on the left bank of the Garonne, about 50km South of Bordeaux. The natural humidity arising from the Ciron river provides the ideal conditions for the development of Botrytis Cinerea, also known as noble rot.


Château Rieussec sits on the border of Fargues and Sauternes. Château Rieussec is one of the largest properties in Sauternes and Barsac, covering 93 hectares, made up of gravel on sandy-clay soil.


All batches were pressed individually in small pneumatic presses. After a few hours of cold settling, the must was transferred into new oak barrels from the Tonnellerie des Domaines in Pauillac for fermentation. Alcoholic fermentation was interrupted when the desired balance between alcohol and sugar had been reached. After fermentation, the wine was aged in barrels for 26 months.


Beautiful golden color.
The aromas of candied and citrus fruits are well present, accompanied by woody notes. It is a rich, unctuous and syrupy wine which finishes on fruity, airy and light notes.

Alcohol content



Sémillon : 86 %
Sauvignon : 12 %
Muscadelle : 2 %