Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

The vintage

A winter with moderate rainfall gave way to a spring marked by a burst of frost that affected this early budding variety. Fortunately, this affected the quantity of the harvest but not the quality of the grapes. At the end of spring the temperature began to rise and remained above normal throughout the summer, making it a hot year for the San Antonio Valley (like 2019). Thanks to the proximity of the Pacific Ocean, the temperatures remained moderate allowing us to harvest balanced grapes. Harvest began on March 31.


The grapes grown in the coastal valley of San Antonio. Here, the soils of granitic origin benefit from good drainage and low nutrient content, forcing the roots to explore more deeply. These characteristics, combined with the influence of the Pacific Ocean less than 20 kilometres away, allow the grapes to ripen slowly, thus preserving their acidity and aromatic typicity.


The soils of granitic origin, with good drainage and low nutrient content, force the roots to explore deeper. These conditions , combining to the Pacific influence, located a mere 20km away, allow the grapes to ripen slowly, obtaining excellent acidity and a great aromatic expression.


Grapes are harvested before daylight when temperatures are at their lowest. After a few hours of cold maceration, they are pressed and fermented at low temperature in stainless steel tanks to preserve their aromatic potential. The wine is partly aged on lees in order to obtain a good balance between roundness and freshness.


Very pale yellow in color with greenish hues.
The nose is intense with aromas of green chili, asparagus and chives, as well as notes of lychee and passion fruit.
The palate is very juicy and tense, with vibrant acidity that gives it persistence. The aftertaste is fruitier, highlighting aromas of passion fruit and lemon peel.

Alcohol content



Sauvignon blanc : 100 %