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Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc


Les Légendes R Bordeaux blanc comes from the Entre-deux-Mers region.


Entre-deux-Mers vineyard rests on the hillsides located between the two rivers South East of Bordeaux: the Dordogne and the Garonne. To get our Bordeaux Blanc so incredibly crisp and aromatic we harvest the grapes before sunrise. This keeps them cold and preserves their delicate aromas, producing wine that’s bursting with flavour from the moment it’s opened.


After pressing of the graoes, a cold maceration (4°C) takes place during a few days (3 to 4 days) in order to extract more aromas from the skins contact. The juice is then fermented à low temperature (16°C) in stainless steel vat. No malolactic fermentataion to keep the fresnness and the acidity of the wine. The wine is aged on lees in vats a few weeks in order to get more volume and richness in mouth.


Sauvignon blanc : 90 %
Sémillon : 10 %