The vintage

The year 2022 stoud out greatly from the previous vintage. Its only similarity with 2021 was the fear of spring frost, which fortunately came earlier this year and had less impact thanks to late pruning. Budding started in the last days of March, with only three days ahead, after a moderately rainy winter. Although the heart of winter was very cold (our bees survived), this period did not last and February was mild. April brought contrasting temperatures, but by May, the sunny character of the vintage asserted itself, leading to an early, rapid, and high-quality flowering. A first heatwave occurred mid-June (leaf stripping was abandoned), followed by two more in July and August. Water deficit was felt as early as mid-June, limited by significant thunderstorms at the end of June. The next rains only arrived mid-August, after the third heatwave that affected the foliage. The hot and dry conditions significantly reduced berry size and crop volume. The vines and grapes overall resisted well to the extreme summer conditions. Except for the younger plants and some very dry plots, the vines looked magnificent in early September, and the ripening of red grapes happened under very good conditions. Harvest began on September 9th for the Merlots from the early terroirs and ended before the end of the month. The Cabernets were harvested on October 4.


Paradis Casseuil covers some sixty hectares to the south-east of Bordeaux in the heart of the Entre-deux-Mers region. The vineyard is spread out over three communes, whose landscape of hills and slopes is reminiscent of Tuscany.


The Paradis Casseuil terroir is mainly linked to the molasse of the Agenais, a typical geological formation of the Entre-Deux-Mers plateau, but also to the Asteria limestone, which appears at the place called "Le Paradis".
Over the course of the blocks, these two formations have a wide variety of sedimentary facies: sandstone limestone, marl, clay with calcareous nodules, variegated magnesian molasse, etc.
The soils that develop here are usually very clayey and rich in calcium. They thus benefit from excellent structural porosity, which is favourable to deep root development, but also from a certain coolness.


The water deficit significantly reduced the size of the berries, resulting in a substantial concentration of the tannins in the skins. Agility was required during the extractions, working with finesse and precision. Short macerations allowed to highlight the balance of this vintage, which combines richness with a fine tannic structure. The proportion of wine aged in oak was reduced compared to previous vintages to preserve the juicy character of the wine. A new milestone in the life of the estate.


The color is dense. Paradis Casseuil 2022 presents us with a complex bouquet of ripe and fresh fruit, supported by a subtle woody note. The attack is ample with a remarkable balance between freshness and density. The silky mouth reveals an elegant tannin grain before leading to a long-lasting finish.

Alcohol content



Merlot : 75 %
Cabernet sauvignon : 20 %
Cabernet franc : 5 %